gazing at the clear New Mexico sky reminds me of my higher power

Your Higher Power: The Secret to Long-term Success

The need for a living relationship with my Higher Power has stood out to me with startling clarity this past week.

I’m on a personal retreat in Santa Fe right now, contemplating my life in general.

I’ve undertaken a variety of meditations and other practices, including qigong & long walks around the city.

About a week into this process, I’ve gotten the clarity I came here looking for.

I can’t remember the exact thing I was doing when this clarity around what’s most important dawned on me, but my process of discovery went as follows…

Beginning the Contemplation that Led Me to My Higher Power

In one moment, I became keenly aware of the profound uncertainty and ultimate transience of literally everything in this world.

What stood out to me, in contrast, was the eternal nature of God, Source, Spirit – or whatever you personally would call your Higher Power.

Then I did some further thinking about things:

I know I have a preoccupation with the notion of longevity. (One of the major themes of this website.)

I equate longevity with health and success. Longevity, in any area of life, means to me that you’re doing something right.

You can apply this idea to your money over the long run. Your health over the long run. There’s the course of your dreams and projects and destiny over the long run. There’s the course of your career. There are your relationships over the long run.

Then Deeper Revelation Began to Come Through Meditation

What I’ve observed about myself in each morning’s spiritual practice & meditation is:

I am a confusing mass of contradictory impulses, on the surface.

I have the impulse to go here, the impulse to go there…. and sometimes impulses to do some crazy stuff!

And yet, the older I get the more I realize that – I’m not going to be satisfied with just following any old impulse.

More and more… I require a deeper sense of order to the things that I do. I want to build something. That’s literally the word that occurs in my head, to “build”.

I want to build in my career or vocation. In my finances and abundance. And in my relationships.

Back in New York City, before this period of down time, I’d achieved a partial clarity about how to approach my life.

I knew that it was my heart’s desire to create a work of some sort…  I just hadn’t gotten the full download about what that meant or how.

But here on retreat, I’m in a place where I can slow down & hear myself. I can hear the voice of my deepest intuition, which seems to be aligned with Spirit, Source, or God.

In short, I now see how to get the instructions on what to construct in my life…

Your Higher Power is the Sun, Burning Off the Mist of your Scattered Attention and Impulses

Source will show you, if you show up and listen each day, what it wants for you for the long term.  

And again, that’s NOT usually following any old random whim, but instead – building something. Something that’s simple, clear, guided, and consistent.

What God wants for you is like a castle in the mist. The mist is the fog of assorted crazy impulses & thoughts.

The castle is what you can construct in your life, if you clear the mist each day with the sun and clarity of Spirit, and build what it’s showing you.

You create the castle as you show up, again and again, and follow the simple path this sun illuminates for you.

What you cultivate over the long-term becomes the picture of your life.

Even if you cultivate something intangible, such as a spirit of adventure, it will still appear as a kind of signature of yours as you look back over your life.

What you commit to and tend over time becomes your legacy.

Wouldn’t you like to make sure your signature way of being is in full alignment with your deepest, truest self?

You can only build in the most conscious and intentional way if you learn to see and hear from a deeper place inside of yourself.

And many of us will only begin to see clearly with our inner vision as we begin to show up for our daily practice.

Your Higher Power is Your Primary Relationship, Your Primary Guide

I believe that the longest-lasting relationship for each one of us is with our Higher Power.

This relationship lasts longer than even your relationship with yourself, as the ego is ultimately swept away and the soul merges into infinity.

It’s essentially spirit merging with spirit.

As guided as we may be on this earth, we must also stay humble, and even existential. That which we build can also fall away.

This is one more reason to “lean on God”, as many Christians have said.

Learn to access this inner light, inner Source and you’ll realize it’s also, simultaneously, your inner guidance.

And to access this living presence is a kind of success in and of itself.

It will show you the way to the most deeply rooted kind of longevity and success, on levels both inner and outer.

It will give you the comfort that a loving relationship should, of knowing you are accompanied, loved, worthy and deserving just as you are.

I find it an amazing state of grace to live in each day.

Has this post helped illuminate something for you?

Do you have a strong sense of being guided by something deeper, and do you have a personal practice for showing up for it?

Please comment with your experience below!

* Peace *

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