"I'm too in my head." a girl is thinking to herself

“I’m Too In My Head” – If This is You, Here’s How to Get Healthier

“Ugh, I’m too in my head.”   Yep, that was me saying that… to myself. One trait of mine is that – I can be a fairly neurotic person. Yet, I’m a neurotic person committed to finding my way to greater health over time.   Or rather, I’m committed to the pursuit of becoming more and […]

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stay sane in NYC

My #1 Tip to Stay Sane in NYC (And Keep Your Hearing)

Figuring out how to stay sane in NYC is a bit of a learning curve, that’s for sure. So here I am. It’s the spring of 2009. I’ve just moved to New York City from the West Coast – a “yoga person” and an aspiring musician – a full on sensitive type. I got offered […]

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longevity tips from the Blue Zones

Longevity Tips from ‘The Blue Zones’

In this post I’m going to introduce you to the best longevity tips I’ve come across. To me they’re the best partly because they actually seem like low-key fun… (But maybe that’s just me? Ha.) I’ve always had a fascination with the topic of longevity, which I define as maintaining quality of life for longer. […]

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