I pretty much think about what I do as “coaching for hippies-at-heart”. (For hippy entrepreneurs at heart, that is.)

Here’s my current elevator pitch:

I support visionary entrepreneurs in attaining deep success and wellness – simultaneously – through coaching, writing, and other services.

My “why” for this project boils down to a handful of things:

1. I’ve been a hippie at heart my whole life.

This really just means I’ve always had a reverence for nature and I love being outside.

I love peace and quiet and the little things…

I identify as “spiritual”.

I also sometimes like a good, free-spirited celebration with lots of dancing… 😀

Once I feel comfortable with someone, I’m generally willing to open up and talk about my concerns, fears, dreams, impressions, and intuitions.

I live for the sense of being deeply connected to other people, nature, and spirit.

2. I want to help

It’s not always easy being a human in this world.

In fact, it’s often downright confusing, stressful, and sometimes painful.

I’ve learned the hard way that boundaries are necessary, in addition to love.

At the end of the day, what I’m most qualified to teach others about is emotional and energetic cleansing and re-balancing. (Again – hippie stuff.) And when you add in the hard-core lessons on boundaries I’ve learned along the way, that gets into relationships, business, and, well, life.

Hence, Coaching

Tao Vibes is the culmination of my desire to support you and other creative souls in moving through life with sanity, clarity, and minimal overwhelm.

I know that you want love, success, and health, just like everyone else.

But you want to have those things on YOUR terms, and with deep peace and understanding of the world in our hearts.

I can’t promise I’ll make these things happen for you… but I can support you as you go for what you want.

And astounding things can come from that…

The approaches I focus on on this website and in my life include mindset, simple physical practices, and what I call a “chi lifestyle”.

What Exactly is A “Chi Lifestyle”?

Excellent question! I define a “chi lifestyle” as one in which the general intention in all one’s decisions is to support good chi.

It’s basically a lifestyle supported by good food, good practices, good boundaries, and good decisions.

Okay.  Now, Tell Me More About Your Background

Let’s go there.

Hello, my name’s Melanie and I’m the creatress of this site.

I’ve been studying qigong and taoist practices since my early 30’s, and I’ve been on a holistic path for about 20 years.

I’m an American who’s been living in Europe since mid-2018. 

I’m also a wife and a mother of a rapidly developing 2 year old.

I created this site for YOU, it’s true.

But I also did it with a selfish reason.  I needed an outlet for all of the knowledge I’ve gained over so many decades!

Ultimately my goal is to support you in simplifying your life – so you can get everything you most want out of it.

Especially wild success and radiant health.

Below are some further thoughts of mine, as sort of a context for this site…

We Live in Uncertain Times

Times are uncertain.

And the main questions running like ribbons through the last two decades of my life have been:

How can we take the best care of ourselves, despite shifting economic circumstances?   In good times, and in bad?

And ultimately, what is the best way to live?

Especially with the given that societies change, economies change, I’ve had to ask:  

What is eternal & everlasting, through the ups and downs? 

Asking these questions has led me on a long life exploration – from the West Coast to the East Coast of the USA… to India, South America, Europe and beyond.

Looking for answers to “the best way to live”, I’ve studied everything from Taoist philosophy & qigong, to Japanese design, Appalachian Folkways, “appropriate technology”, sound healing, permaculture, herbs, superfoods, yoga, prayer, longevity studies, survivalism, and coaching.

I finally came back full circle to some of the deeper teachings from my Christian heritage. They were ones I felt I could integrate in with the myriad other angles on truth I discovered out in the world.

I’ve also realized that living “aligned with tao”, in part means living out my years strong and flexible in my body – ready for anything that comes!

Looking At “Health” From The Deepest Place

Distilling it all down to a simplified worldview for where I’m at right now:

My #1 concern is with the essence of health, which I think of simply as life, or life force energy.

And then, secondarily, with all the structures that help support life.

Thirdly, I take very seriously that “were all in it together”. That beautiful sentiment is also reflected in my favorite Swedish proverb: “A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, and a joy shared is a joy doubled.”

One of my mentors Bruce Frantzis summed everything up for me in his State of the Tao address for 2018:

“The path of the Tao on this planet can be easily entered into through regular physical and qi practices as well as relating well with others. This will help you navigate and have a smooth and satisfying year that is in harmony with peace and the Tao regardless of what is happening externally in the world.”

Next Steps for You And Me

If my words resonate and you want to hang in there with me on this journey… knowing there’ll be some serious tips and inspiration for living your best life along the way…

Then go ahead and sign up for my email list.

In the meantime, may the joys, sorrows, and strength we share help lift all boats.

Peace & Positive Vibes 🙂