What We Do

Tao Vibes helps visionary entrepreneurs reach – and stay in – a place of deep wellness and success. Coaching, writing, and teaching are how we do what we do.

Work with our team, and you’ll balance your work and life, build your confidence, gain more connection to yourself and others, and lower your stress. Oh, and we like to get you exercising too!

Who We Serve

If you’re a visionary entrepreneur who’s struggling to implement your vision we’re here for you. Feeling out of control and struggling with no work life balance? We’re also for you.

Who exactly is a visionary entrepreneur?

The short answer: a business founder with a LOT of ideas!

For many, entrepreneurship is a pathway to some of the greatest possibilities in life; the possibilities to own your own business, run life the way you want it, use your God-given potentials to their fullest, achieve your highest income potential, and become an investor. 

But the path of entrepreneurship – as exciting and empowering and fulfilling as it is – is also fraught with many predictable challenges. 

What We Offer

Our offerings are simple and straightforward at this time. 

  1. Written content. Much of it free.  
  2. Coaching Services. Coaching is currently available upon request.

The Tao Vibes Story

Founder Melanie started Tao Vibes in 2016 in Brooklyn, NY. Originally started as a holistic health hub for beauty and longevity, she also planned to integrate coaching, sound healing, and Qi Gong. 

But as she wrote her first blog posts for the new site, something didn’t feel right. Melanie felt she couldn’t sustain a focus on such “light” topics. 

The Big Ah-ha

Soul-searching – and many times exhausted from her day job – the contradiction between her stated ideals and her daily life revealed something obvious. One of the biggest negative impacts on longevity, wellness, and beauty is – lack of money! Having to chase it to pay bills often means a great deal more stress, hustling, and lack of deep relaxation.

Not to mention, why would anyone want to live to 100 (a la longevity) if they’re homeless and can’t feed themselves? Like basically… you have to figure out a long-term financial strategy if you want to sustain all the other goals! (Duh! Doh!)

(Why didn’t she understand this a lot earlier, like so many clear thinkers who went to business school in order to retire young? Well, we can say she was just one of those American dreamers… with some issues to heal, and a head full of ideals… a late-bloomer who woke up the hard way… but is now happy to be here with the other grown-ups!)

Now full-on adulting, Melanie dove into studying entrepreneurship, investing, money management, and the nature of money itself.

But in the big picture – just as it’s difficult to survive in the modern world without money – money isn’t everything either. So things circled back around to include wellness again, and Tao Vibes was birthed in its current form.

Fast-forward to 2022 through a move abroad, marriage, and a baby – the original threads of wellness, longevity, Qi Gong, coaching, and creativity remain. Mainly the audience and focus has changed to supporting the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Hi, I’m Melanie   

The journey described above has brought me personally back to an even deeper concept of the Tao. 

I believe life is about balance. And though we have seasons of winter and summer, sprinting and resting – ideally, these seasons harmonize… and make for a rich and fruitful, well-lived life. 

 If you’re a visionary entrepreneur, my team and I are here to support you. 

What are you currently going through? How can we better support you with motivational or strategic resources? What would you like to see from us in the way of teaching or coaching? 

Please, please reach out to us and let us know. 

The Tao Vibes Core Values


Authenticity to us means… keeping it real (I mean that’s close to the literal definition, right?) It gets abstract, but we’re believers in resonance that shakes out any distortions and falsehoods in the energy field. Dig deep, keep it pure, keep it authentic, natural, human and true. 


Creativity encompasses opportunity and adventurousness. It’s all about rising to the occasion, being resourceful, adaptable, and making the best of what you have every day. It’s also connected to intuition and spirit. 


Simplicity is something we’re always striving for, to balance out the tremendous complexity of every moment. It’s like a hidden perceptual thread, an undercurrent in all things… a perspective you can find if you dig deep enough. It’s also a quality you can cultivate.


Stability balances creativity. It’s the grounding for its bloom. Deep wellness and success for visionary entrepreneurs means finding the steady-state-thread underneath the visions. One that will sustain us joyfully in the real world as life unfolds.


It wouldn’t be a business brand without structure. Minimum Viable Structure. Money loves structure. It complements simplicity, it’s the scaffolding in coaching, and it’s the boundaries in love and boundaries. It’s a bit of an obsession of ours here.